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Our state-of-the-art online booking platform gives you the flexibility of searching and booking your choice private sedan or limo from your desktop, mobile or app.

All personal financial information that you transmit online is protected with our secure payment processing system.

You have access to 24/7 world class customer support service for answering all your queries.

All rides within the US are covered with supplemental insurance coverage.

Kindly note: You will not be entitled to any of the above exclusive benefits if you choose to book directly with the limo operator. LimosNY.com will not be responsible for any contractual default or online payment issues


Thousands of pre-screened limo companies worldwide have empanelled with us to compete for limo booking by giving you the best vehicles at the lowest prices across all car requirements. Be it transporting a large group in luxurious comfort or en exclusive airport limo, you can book the car of your choice at the price of your choice on LimosNY.com.


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LimosNY.com is the world’s largest online marketplace for searching and booking private car services. Like hotel and flight booking websites compete with each other for offering you the lowest rates, our partner limo companies compete to offer you the exact car you are looking for, at the lowest price. Our strong partnerships with thousands of private sedan and limo companies ensure that your get the best available car or limo at the best lowest price.

Pricing and Planning Guide

LimosNY.com is here to help you search and choose the perfect limo or similar ground transportation options for your special event. Planning a wedding or prom event? Looking for reaching the airport in comfort and style? Search and book the best vehicle at the lowest price on LimosNY.com. When you want to book ground transportation, you should consider some important points. We have assembled this guide to assist you in getting the best luxury transportation options for your planned event.

Before you book, take a detailed look

Even before you begin the process of searching for the perfect transportation for your important event, you must freeze on a number of things like the occasion type, total number of guests who will travel together, total number of hours for which you need the vehicle and the total distance you will cover. For your special occasions like a grand birthday bash, prom night or bachelor party, we would recommend a party limo bus which can accommodate up to 20 people. On the other hand, if it’s just an airport transfer or a short intra-city business trip, you can book a classic Lincoln town car. You should mention maximum details in your booking query for getting the widest range of limo providers at the best lowest rates. Some operators offer attractive packages tailor made for special events.

Decide the experience you desire; then pay the best price for it

If you keep ‘price’ as the sole factor for deciding your limo provider, chances are you might get a diluted experience of travelling in a custom rented car. You should aim for getting the best package and deal which matches your desired experience from the trip. All our service partners provide updated photos, descriptions and videos of their vehicles. In addition to these, you can read the customer reviews written against each limo package and make an informed decision.

Avoid a “tight” ride – have some extra space for stretching out

If you want to ride off in classy style after your wedding, we recommend hiring a classic limo. If you want to enjoy a wild night on your bachelorette party, a stretch Hummer limo would be your best bet. It’s no point renting a limo if it does not have the space for all your guests, and a little extra. Confirm in advance if the limo comes with its own music system, or you’ll be left without the most important element of your in-car party. You must also check the seating arrangement set up and how comfortably it will accommodate your entire group.

Book at the right price; let there be no “hidden charges„

When you are comparing prices between car service providers, make sure that the comparison parameters are the same. All limo providers frame their unique pricing policies. From a per-hour rental charge, to a flat rate for a specified travel route – like an airport pick-up or drop, to an all-inclusive package – limo companies have devised different rates for different service offerings. Always keep an eye out for that infamous “asterisk”, i.e. “*”. Read the terms and conditions mentioned against the “Conditions Apply” asterisk to know precisely what is excluded in the booking charge. For examples, things like “fuel surcharge” or “service fees” are typically not included in the listed cost. Most companies include the “driver’s tip” in the final cost, others don’t. If this is not included, ideally you should tip the driver around 20% of the rental charge.

Limo partners of LimosNY.com always give you their final, all-inclusive cost for the selected package, so that you know up-front what all you are paying for. Be rest assured there will be no surprises when you proceed for making the online payment.

Choosing a package makes better sense

When you are booking a limo for a special occasion like a sporting event, a wedding or even a night on town, we suggest you go in for the all-inclusive package offered by our limo partners. If you combine your requirement with that of your friends or relatives, you will end up getting a further discount on the price because of bulk booking.

Advance reservation is advisable

We suggest you book your choice limo as soon as your wedding date is fixed. This will help you block your limo on the special day and avoid any last minute disappointment. Booking at least 3-4 weeks before the event date is strongly advised. For your special prom night, we recommend that you book your limo at your price a few months in advance. Once your booking is confirmed by our limo provider, immediately get them to give you a written confirmation via email. This confirmation should contain all the details of the booking, including type of car, final cost, date and time of arrival at booking address and any other detail. Even though you have a written confirmation, you should re-confirm all the details of the booking at least a week before the scheduled date.

Check these mandatory details before making the payment

All limo providing companies have to be mandatorily registered with the respective authorities before they can offer their vehicles for rent. Also, they have to be properly insured and in perfect condition. This is to safeguard you and your guests in the event of any unfortunate development. If the limo company refuses to share their registration or insurance details, you must not book your car with that company.

LimosNY.com does a complete check of all our limo partners for ensuring that they comply with all national and state regulations, before making them a part of our network.

Enjoy a truly customized limo ride


When you are taking the ride of your special moment, why go the regular way? Take a different route, stop at unscheduled places or stop at some place for a longer time. Inform your chosen limo provider about all this at the time of booking, so that you are given a matching price and there are no issues during your trip. When you book your dream limo on LimosNY.com, you can provide a fleshed out summary of your ride, along with any special request that you might have, when you make your reservation.